Our services offer trained and TSIA registered security

Officers with 24-hour supervision and control.

  • Armed
  • Uniformed or undercover
  • Patrolling
  • Access/Egress Control
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Searching

VIP close body protection

VIP close body protection is done by ex police- and military servicemen that have a sound background and experience of the duties that are required from them.

Truck and Cargo Armed Escort
This division provides the following services:

  • Armed Escorting by traveling behind the truck
  • Surveillance
  • Security during Breakdowns, Accident scenes
  • Security Reports


This division specializes in the proper installation of alarm systems, the monitoring thereof and the armed reaction and response on any alarm activations.


A registered investigator of our company does all the investigations. All our investigators are ex-policemen with years of experience and knowledge. We are dedicated in achieving results and success in all our cases.

Special Events Security
This division specializes in the following: Security Assessment, Access Control, Crowd Control, Directing Traffic, VIP Protection, We also assist our clients by attending meetings prior to the event.

Geo Security Technical Backup

Geo Security will ensure that they offer the client professional advice where necessary regarding the physical security of their premises. It is in Geo Security's interest to minimise the potential for loss and reduce the element of 'Risk' to the client.

Normal Geo Security working hours are on a 12 hours shift, Geo and client will agree on working hours the guards should work.

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